It was the same as this, early morning in Albuquerque, as I lay on my bed, eyes dreamy, looking at the Sandias that seemingly fell flushed to my bedroom window. The Northeast Heights was a thing of beauty. The morning dew rising from the base of the mountains felt cool as it slipped through my open window. I was pregnant and spent and sleep-deprived. I took note of the beauty around me to save from reaching its head and plucking the baby out myself; I was so exhausted.
The television spooled voices that twirled between a whisper and silence; On…

The heart heaves; crippling and anxious

Threatening distortion of rhythm and measure

When fright knows no bounds, and panic no limit

Pulsating in stillness while fear wages war

Counting and recounting memories

Constriction and conflict

Where despair stands, casting shadows on reason

A future vague, lost in worry, imagined strife

Craving misplaced sanity

When inquiry happens upon a conscience

Reflection births remarkable reasoning

A mirror holds space for embattling query

While cycles of reaffirmations take flight

Renewed cadence

Internal syncopation

A shift

A surge

The fog lifts like morning dew.

No blurred lines.

Doubt fades for a path clear as…

I would argue that the past year reintroduced us to ourselves, and whether we like or dislike the self we have come to know is a separate matter. We cannot deny that there has been a revival. Some took advantage of the semblance of the slowing down of time and found joy in activities they had lost as the world whipped by hastily. Equally as valid is the reality that this past year delivered a thrashing on the souls of many. Despondence and loss can only begin to describe the realities for some in this new normal.

We fell into…

Imagine what it’s like to see the beginning and end of a rainbow. I’d never thought of the possibility nor examined the likelihood, but when my daughter pointed it out as we drove down Hwy 6, I must admit I was fascinated, giddy even. Spurts of rain and glimpses of sunshine danced on the horizon as we made our way westward to a family wedding on the Oregon coast.

She noted, gleefully, the earth’s show of color and made sure to tell me we had just passed the beginning of a rainbow. I was lost listening to Tekno seek permission…

We held on to her every word and watched with pride, intrigued, as she captured our nation; a brilliant mind, spitting pearls of wisdom that registered for souls past and generations to come. She stood like a beacon in yellow and shone brightly for a people on a pedestal only a few had ever graced. What she delivered were words. What we received was an inspiration.

As a bearer, be sure that you examine the weight of the words you speak; as a receiver, I pray you strive to discern true meaning. I admit to a keen sensitivity because, for…

This process was stalled, denied, maligned, and almost derailed, but here we are, just as we predicted we would be. Joseph R. Biden will be the next President of the United States.

You shamelessly attempted to hijack this momentous victory, this remarkable instance when for the first time, our nation will come to know a woman, yes, a woman of color for that matter, as Vice President of the U.S.A. You lost.

Decency won, love won, respect won, humility won, we the people won.

Take your hate, your lies, and usher them out of our lives like your co-conspirators deemed…

Wherever you are, whatever casts a shadow over you this minute will last only this season. Change is imminent. It may be slow and seemingly threatened by all of these purveyors of hopelessness and these detractors from the truth, but it is coming. There is so much happening in the world; man is busy. Turmoil greets us every dawn. It seems the world sways back and forth like the tide ebbs and flows. Noise and confusion, illness, strife, war, all of these leave us discouraged. Yet, I dare say, fight! It’s just a crazy season; stand tall and hold your…

Take a minute to look within…

To bear what I know, in silence, seems criminal to me. If I’ve lived the experience, how can I be quiet and let another endure similar or worse? Instead, I risk judgment and choose to open up my soul, hoping that one or two may be inspired to look deeper within or ahead.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve spent considerable time in worry. I toil over control of other’s perceptions of my weakness. If I speak up, what will other’s think? Will anyone understand that my concern is not about my struggle? Will they see that I don’t seek…

I had hoped for a lazy Sunday morning and maybe selectively forgot about my appointment at the imaging center. Who sets up a brain and spine MRI on a Sunday morning? I do. I had woken up to the theme song from the movie Gladiator. It reminds me of home, and that’s an indicator that I woke up naturally, not in my usual startling fashion, as if the world had decided on a pair of Chinos, caught a train out of town, and accidentally left me behind. I often wake up jumpy, worried about what I’ve missed. I struggle with…

I have asked myself, who would want to read about your journey. It would have been easy to discourage telling about it. I am a foreigner in this land, so my experiences will not speak to the consciousness of the dominant culture; they are alien. Each time, almost immediately after a feeble attempt at convincing myself that no one would bother, my introspective resilient self would reiterate, who wouldn’t want to read about your journey. Others have also come of age, suffered loss, hoped for change, overcome adversity, and frolicked in sweet love. …

A. Mimi Sei

I am a Writer, Social Justice Advocate, Avid Reader, Mother, Lover, Friend, and a Fan of Life who strives to leave every space better than I found it!

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