A. Mimi Sei
1 min readApr 1, 2024

In those early days, I was scared of you

Would perceptions haunt or tether me to a state

You delivered tricky favors, no flights of fancy

Stares fixed at you, tendrils of a misguided izzat

Bold, defined, structured for a force



Our friendship blossomed slowly, me and you

Warranted expectations unfolded a clean slate

You, shiny and new and agile and good

Confidence grew, tendrils, a few serving sparks

Superb reality, depleted what qualms prevailed



You cradled me, my burdens shifting onto you

Wild exploration, journeys disallowed to wait

Always ready, rugged, robust, a safe haven

Charted paths, tendrils rooted in fervent stride

Audacious, striking, always the intrepid partner



Now in ripe age with well-worn bones

Wading with renewed zeal at this journey’s gate

A true reflection of excellence

Leader, trendsetter, tendrils stamped on byways

Bold, defined, structured for a force





A. Mimi Sei

I am a Black Writer, Speaker, Avid Reader, Mother, Lover, Friend, and a Fan of Life who strives to leave every space better than I found it!