A. Mimi Sei
Jan 29, 2024


Wholesome parts of me peek from within

Tethered to fear of unsolicited perspectives

The weight of judgement

Unanswered calls masked in distorted hues

No nous

Sense waning


Where have I been?


Quelled desires birth, for me, a faltering faith

Challenged by tests of life and time

The burden of scorn

Unrequited passion meets a sting of loneliness

No connectedness

Strength dissipating


Where am I?


Fractured morsels of me emerge, tormented

Wrapped in veils, obscure and vague

The fear of contempt

Undesired malice that warrants no reason

No rhyme or season

Sanity diminishing


Where shall I bloom?



Gliding through waves of treacherous query

Seeking to thrive where my soul can soar

In fields resplendent with hope and glory

I shall rise, be whole and endure

A. Mimi Sei

I am a Black Writer, Speaker, Avid Reader, Mother, Lover, Friend, and a Fan of Life who strives to leave every space better than I found it!