A. Mimi Sei
May 17, 2024


image credit :- cassava republic press.


He’s in love with him.

She’s in love with her.

He knows he’s been they

But you know traditions.

She knows she’s been them

But you know restrictions.

His mind knows no boundaries.

Yours is stifled and in constriction.

Her heart knows no limits.

Yours mangled by limitations.

Where he walks with pride

Where she walks in courage

They meet, all of them whole and complete.

You. Where are you? How are you?

You don’t have to understand it.

Just hold love in your heart.

Share in his pride

Applaud her courage.

Love him. Love her. Love them.

For as you give love so shall it be returned unto you; whole and complete.

— A. Mimi Sei



A. Mimi Sei

I am a Black Writer, Speaker, Avid Reader, Mother, Lover, Friend, and a Fan of Life who strives to leave every space better than I found it!